Feel the Power!
You ill share in my trials and tribulations as the Corvette is transformed from a mild mannered daily driver into a fire breathing Viper killer (yea I know, time to wake up).

This Corvette was ordered in November of 1999 from Lee Johnson Chevrolet in Kirkland Washington. Its sequence number was CFZ JHM and was built on 2/28/00. It arrived on March 17th and I was present for its delivery. The preparation of the Corvette was done by myself and it was taken home on March 20th, 2000.

I elected to purchase the Fixed Roof Coupe (FRC) version since it was lighter & 33% stiffer than the Targa or Convertible.  Since I do quite a bit of racing, it was the logical choice for me.  The FRC comes standard with the 3:42 performance rear end, Z51 handling package and the MN6. Previous vehicles I have owned include a Porsche 911 cabriolet, BMW M3 and a Mercedes Benz C36. While the Corvette C5 does not exhibit the fit or finish of the Mercedes, it is right up there in quality compared to the Porsche and BMW.  I have raced both my Mercedes C36 and the BMW M3 , the FRC is superior in handling, braking and accelerating. 

Thank you for visiting this Corvette page and I hope you enjoy your visit.

Rik Johnson

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